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Hi Mauro,
If you are still interested in a set of castings for the Anzani Y engine, Mike Cole still had a couple sets of castings earlier this week. I just received a set from him and he'd mentioned he had "a couple left". His email is [email protected]
Good luck on your build!
What components on the GDB4 are you looking for. I have his plans and am a CAD/CAM programmer.
I saw your post and think I could make a camshaft for you. if you are in the US it would cost about $20 for materials and $4 for shipping. labor is free as it would be a fun project. Do you have a micrometer and caliper? could you take very precise measurements? See my latest camshaft build on this forum
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Hi there! Thanks for your comment! I will have to see if I can get a caliper. Email me at [email protected] if you have any more questions. I may be able to send you the camshaft in it for you to measure and make. That would be really appreciated. Thanks so much! Email me! Jack.
Zeb, where is the "Inland NW"? That could be Siberia for all I know. I too live in the "Inland NW" in the Soviet of Washington. Moses Lake
Haha. I live north of the unlawfully annexed Californian city of Sandpoint, ID.
Hi Tim. Bearcar1 here. I have many plans for the duplex pump you are looking for, you may have to scale them to your needs but I have quit a selection to choose from. I am a horse trader by nature. Do you have any engine drawings you might like to trade? I like stationary, traction, gas or steam etc...... Let me know if you are interested.... Thnaks and be safe.

Hey there! Thanks for the reply. I'm new to this hobby and haven't acquired a whole lot for blueprints yet. I do have a pretty good stack of old live steam magazines that have all sorts of prints for different things. I also have the book "Steam and Stirling" by William C. Fitt.
I'd be willing to scan some prints and send your way if you'd like?
I've a warco lathr 250v.
Now when I come to engage the lever for the half nuts, they seem to engage OK and has soon as I lift my off the lever the carriage stops moving and the lever moves up and down slightly, or sometime the carriage will travel almost one full revolution of the hand wheel and come to a stop. With the half nuts still engaged
The lead screw looks fine

Pls can anyone help.
Hi Ray, I put a mod in the CDI Easy And Cheap......used PaulC idea of switching a small coil (mini relay coil) in and out of circuit via the hall effect which gives a much better trigger.
PaulC had some hybrid setup he claimed works but it didn't look right to me at all even though it did work (go figure)
Anyhow, thought you might have liked to get a heads up........cheers Jeff
I saw the circuit you posted on Sunday but I just had a quick look. That little relay coil will boost the signal strength above the original voltage just like a DC-DC voltage up convertor. Thanks Jeff Cheers Ray
I ordered and received a 5 pin AC unit, I ordered a 4 pin bit got the 5 instead so I'm going to try the 5 pin with DC but I can't find my connectors. I guess I'll have to buy some more, oh well. I smoked the coil the came with it because I forgot to change the dwell capacitor back and the dwell was way too much. Anyway I hope to try my new 5 pin tomorrow. Cheers Ray
Hi from Kiwiland. I'm just about to start a conversion on my RF30 mill. How are you getting on with yours.I would be keen to see some pictures please. Thank you in advance.
I would like to buy one, shipping to USA. What is the best way to pay you for this? I don't do PAYPAL, tho my son does if that will work.

I am desperately seeking a way to communicate with the seller of this lathe. I am very interested in purchasing it. Could you PLEASE send me a direct link to the original ad or his accurate contact information? Thank you, Mike DiGirolamo, [email protected]
Good morning, my name is Duke and i live in Hesperia ca. I saw a picture of your lathe with the vee belt setup in EMEM forum.
I have south bend 9 and very interested in how you set this up. I cant type very well but could give you my phone number if you are interested in discussing this with me. Thank You Duke
Duke, the V-Belt 16 speed 9A is standard South Bend. The sheaves come up periodically on ebay but are costly. They fit exactly where the sheaves of a flat belt lathe would fit; direct replacement. In practice they are 14 speed as two of the back geared speeds are not recommended.

Oldarm--Send me your phone number and I will call you tomorrow. I have over 50 years experience in design of custom machinery and have worked with a number of inventors over the years.---Brian Rupnow [email protected]
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