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Are you into drag racing as I am an ex bike speed addict and still very involved with top speed attempts
I work for myself and over the latter years I do not seem to have the surplus time or budget that I had in those days. I am still interested in everything though and count myself lucky to never be without some interest on the go!
Here is a link to my You Tube channel with some boring film of my sprinter. There is also a little on my blog website and my old blog (now dormant, having sold the company the blog no longer belongs to me, but almost every post is from my work).
and my current blog: The Art In Engineering Co. - Aero, Marine et Auto
I am hoping to slowly make an early style flash-steam Hydroplane to learn the ropes and have something to enjoy on my shelf and share with my son and grandson.. Your amazing machine is fantastic and something to aspire to.

With my very best wishes, it is a privilege to meet you, but I promise not to pester you with questions, I will keep them concise!
Hi Donnie, i really appreciate your offer on the ceramic material. please let me know where i can paypal you or where i can send you a check for it. i really appreciate it.
Retire 75 yr old have had some experience in machine, love to make things, getting more involved in math calculations and more detailed like engines, cams gears. I built fixtures and some plastic mold repair.
So where in Minnesota do you reside? My parents, brother, and sister live in the Minneapolis area. I grew up across the river in Grand Forks, ND. I moved to Iowa for a job and now retired.
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Its a long long ways from Minneapolis - - - grin!
We have had season's tickets to the opera there though and for a number of years.
Lately though - - - - I'm not that much a fan of 20th and 21st century opera - - - - most of its quite boring and worse, puerile, and then the covid stuff isn't helping.
Made some good friends from seat mates.
I want to by a mill does any one know if the Grizzly G0705 would be a good choice?
I collect packages in the far northern end of Minnesota.
Sorry about how this message was sent, they limit a message to 420 characters. I tried a private conversation, but could not post it. Anyway these are backwards order, so read from the bottom.
The inability to have private messages is a pita!
So I get lucky sometimes as when I click on a link from the listings, inside there eBay puts up links with photos to other sellers of similar items. I've gotten lots of insert tooling lately from China.
Now you will see the Aloris brand, high quality, but 4x-8x the price. I've not seen anywhere in my shop that that is needed.
Hope you see this private message.
Dunno - - - - Aloris is very nice in use!!!!
Look at eBay, and Amazon, and do a general search for QCTP sets, if you don't have one on your lathe currently. I shop around. But even there, sellers on eBay may have a spelling error, or they don't have a keyword that you think is required.
As for the piston type, they just don't have the tool holder power. I've bent the height adjust screw (twice now) which is a long set screw into the holder with a large knurled wheel threaded nut. I did this on my large lathe, that is a geared head, and I was treppaning at the time.
ajoeiam: I just did a search for "QCTP number system" and I got a link to Phase II brand catalog online.
I've 3 sets of these. One is unused as it is the piston type. I have the 1xx size for my 10x24 lathe, and 4xx size for my 18x40 lathe. They are Phase II. I've been getting holders from Shars. I think the best price is from eBay, that I've found.
You did not mention where you live. If snow load is a problem then you would need a high pitched roof. Why steel, a wooden structure should work well . The roof itself can be covered with shingles , metal sheet , or in some cases Fiber glass translucent panels.
I am now completing the ME Beam Engine, and want to make a model (perhaps a Farm implement) tht my Beam engine could drive,
Any advice any Member could assist me with ideas would be of Huge assistance. Thank you
Malcolm Farrant
My shop is getting a major upgrade. My 1963 Bridgeport is being replaced by a Prototrak DPMSX5 and my tired old South Bend is being replaced by a Prototrak TRL1440. I have a lot to learn with the conversational SMX and LX2 controllers, but it ought to be fun!
I'd very much like to buy your Sears Harvard casting set. Please consider my offer of $500 plus $30.00 to cover USPS Flat Rate shipping to Chino Hills, CA. Out of curiosity, are there any drawings with it? Thank you.
Good afternoon, thanks for your interest, yes I found the full set of drawings this morning along with a list of instructions. Right now I am getting some good feedback from the postings and with no understand of the values of these items will wait a few days before accepting offers. I will let you know either way!
Hello 74 Sprint
I would like to make the circuit you designed (Hall_effect Ignition Proper ) to replace the original trigger in CDI ignitions with a Hall sensor but did not understand how to connect the Hall sensor to the 2N2222 transistor
The positive of the Hall sensor goes to + 12Volt, the negative to-12V, the signal must be connected to the transistor base?
Thanks for your support
Hi i also live in S /QLD . Runcorn, i am trying to obtain plans for a small LOCO or Steam Traction engine, I am a member of the Mt Gravatt , Mens Shed, gives us a bell .
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Mike Living at Runcorn Brisbane
Hi Mike, I'll catch up with you soon, we hope to restart running trains at Grandchester in Feb, first Sunday of the month 10 am to 2 PM
Hello Mike I notice that you live in the UK and your name is not a common one , so this makes me wonder if you by any chance are the Mickey Ginn who organised rock climbing trips to Morrocco back in the late 60's . Quite a long shot I realise but stranger coincidences have happened.
regards Dan.
Mike Ginn
Hi Dan. I'm afraid it's not me. I live in the Chelmsford Essex area and I guess there must be around 10 Ginn families including one in my village. There is one distinguishing feature however - they all pronounce their name with a hard G. I pronounce my name as the drink!
Have a Great Christmas.
Cheers Mike
Congratulations on a nice job.

Hello Valeri, drawn SolidWorks which edition? can you send the drawings to a Part document (SLD.part)?

Best regards, Karoly