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My shop is getting a major upgrade. My 1963 Bridgeport is being replaced by a Prototrak DPMSX5 and my tired old South Bend is being replaced by a Prototrak TRL1440. I have a lot to learn with the conversational SMX and LX2 controllers, but it ought to be fun!
I'd very much like to buy your Sears Harvard casting set. Please consider my offer of $500 plus $30.00 to cover USPS Flat Rate shipping to Chino Hills, CA. Out of curiosity, are there any drawings with it? Thank you.
Good afternoon, thanks for your interest, yes I found the full set of drawings this morning along with a list of instructions. Right now I am getting some good feedback from the postings and with no understand of the values of these items will wait a few days before accepting offers. I will let you know either way!
Hello 74 Sprint
I would like to make the circuit you designed (Hall_effect Ignition Proper ) to replace the original trigger in CDI ignitions with a Hall sensor but did not understand how to connect the Hall sensor to the 2N2222 transistor
The positive of the Hall sensor goes to + 12Volt, the negative to-12V, the signal must be connected to the transistor base?
Thanks for your support
Hi i also live in S /QLD . Runcorn, i am trying to obtain plans for a small LOCO or Steam Traction engine, I am a member of the Mt Gravatt , Mens Shed, gives us a bell .
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Mike Living at Runcorn Brisbane
Hi Mike, I'll catch up with you soon, we hope to restart running trains at Grandchester in Feb, first Sunday of the month 10 am to 2 PM
Hello Mike I notice that you live in the UK and your name is not a common one , so this makes me wonder if you by any chance are the Mickey Ginn who organised rock climbing trips to Morrocco back in the late 60's . Quite a long shot I realise but stranger coincidences have happened.
regards Dan.
Mike Ginn
Hi Dan. I'm afraid it's not me. I live in the Chelmsford Essex area and I guess there must be around 10 Ginn families including one in my village. There is one distinguishing feature however - they all pronounce their name with a hard G. I pronounce my name as the drink!
Have a Great Christmas.
Cheers Mike
Congratulations on a nice job.

Hello Valeri, drawn SolidWorks which edition? can you send the drawings to a Part document (SLD.part)?

Best regards, Karoly
Hullo where i Australia are you? I have been making one of these motors for five years have valves and rockers to do yet, maybe you can give me some advise on how you done your valves ect cheers Peter
Are you all right? I hope you haven't caught the covid or gotten hurt on the job. I'm worried about you.
As a fellow internee in the soviet of Washington. I was impressed by your understanding of the late war of northern aggression. What's your 20? Jim Wright - Belfair, WA.
no one knows the weather or the future.
Keep in touch,
I will be here whenever you want to make the trip. Here is a funny corn story. My Sister had two dogs and one of them was pooping on the floor at night. Her boyfriend decided he needed to prove what dog was doing it. So he mixed some corn into the food of the dog he suspected. Sure enough the next morning he found the poop and it had the corm marker. Case solved.

knows how fast things will go, you know, break downs, traffic probs, corn not ripe, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, that would be mid to late October. Just about the time that snow starts falling. I thimk this year will be warmer, however, but
I was checking the map, it's about 4 hr drive to Mossyrock. My wife would love the drive. It's been a long time since we drove hiway 12. would be fun to do again. I have about 5-6 weeks left of corn harvest--nobody really
I was wondering if you could help me with a quick question about the piston drawing in the howell v4 plans. It says ".872 (top land only) near top of piston, and the diameter on the bottom piston is .873.
When it says top land only, does that mean after the first ring groove from the top of piston it is .873 diameter from then on, or is all of the .300 length from the top of piston .872 diameter?

Can you send photos or describe this lathe a little more? What voltage, horsepower or wattage, weight? Length? It runs, of course? I am interested. I live in Moses Lake, can get to the west side easily enough. How much?
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
I'm wondering if you would measure the lathe--maximum length, width, height and approximate weight.
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
I managed to get a day off today (Saturday). How are things going? Manage to get some photos? Take some measurements?
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
Oh, forgot to tell you, I now have a cell--number 509 906 6314. BTW, my name is Don, not richard, I only use that to remain anonymous.
Good day sir, would it be possible to send me the pdf's of the book Model Steam Engine Design by RM de Vignier?

kind regards.