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As a fellow internee in the soviet of Washington. I was impressed by your understanding of the late war of northern aggression. What's your 20? Jim Wright - Belfair, WA.
no one knows the weather or the future.
Keep in touch,
I will be here whenever you want to make the trip. Here is a funny corn story. My Sister had two dogs and one of them was pooping on the floor at night. Her boyfriend decided he needed to prove what dog was doing it. So he mixed some corn into the food of the dog he suspected. Sure enough the next morning he found the poop and it had the corm marker. Case solved.

knows how fast things will go, you know, break downs, traffic probs, corn not ripe, etc. etc. etc. Anyway, that would be mid to late October. Just about the time that snow starts falling. I thimk this year will be warmer, however, but
I was checking the map, it's about 4 hr drive to Mossyrock. My wife would love the drive. It's been a long time since we drove hiway 12. would be fun to do again. I have about 5-6 weeks left of corn harvest--nobody really
I was wondering if you could help me with a quick question about the piston drawing in the howell v4 plans. It says ".872 (top land only) near top of piston, and the diameter on the bottom piston is .873.
When it says top land only, does that mean after the first ring groove from the top of piston it is .873 diameter from then on, or is all of the .300 length from the top of piston .872 diameter?

Can you send photos or describe this lathe a little more? What voltage, horsepower or wattage, weight? Length? It runs, of course? I am interested. I live in Moses Lake, can get to the west side easily enough. How much?
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
I'm wondering if you would measure the lathe--maximum length, width, height and approximate weight.
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
I managed to get a day off today (Saturday). How are things going? Manage to get some photos? Take some measurements?
Richard Hed
Richard Hed
Oh, forgot to tell you, I now have a cell--number 509 906 6314. BTW, my name is Don, not richard, I only use that to remain anonymous.
Good day sir, would it be possible to send me the pdf's of the book Model Steam Engine Design by RM de Vignier?

kind regards.
Sorry Ron I am mistaken they're not the Minnie but the Allchin Traction Engine 1 1/2"
You said that you received permission fro Mr Pendergast to share his sketches. Does that mean that you can give me a copy? I have spent many hours trying to get an Atkinson Differential to run. John has given me a few of his cad drawings but I obviously am still missing something.
did you do anymore with the gordons nano?
I have put to one side for the moment. I have some better fuel on the way and hope to continue in due course. Meanwhile, I am making a test engine of 0.3cc and hope to gradually scale down to 0.1 . Hopefully I may learn what the problem is 😬
I’m thinking of purchasing a al-320g lathe I’ve had a look at one like the spindle speed a nice low 60rpm I was looking at the Change gears for threading only one had a oil nipple the other 2 didn’t are the gears supported by a ballbearing?
William May
Typically, change gears used for threading take their lube from the rest of the gear train. Also, the odd ones aren't used that much (I bought my lathe in 1988, and I have special change gears I have NOT YET ever installed to do any work. It's nice to have them, but oh, well.) Actually, the supports for the gears should have a grease nipple of something on them. If they don't, you can easily add it.