Werowance attempts Myfordboys traction engine

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Feb 26, 2020
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Umm just to knock this on its head, Myfordboy is not a jerk, just protective of his income. I've dealt with him on many occasions and he is a pleasant guy who will help if he can.
I ordered castings for the myfordboy steam engine some time ago. I think it has a similar cylinder and valve as the traction engine. I do not remember the exact cost, but I thought it was reasonable and making it worked out fine ( if compressed air counts :) ). Pdf-files always multipy and spread fast.
I consider myself a happy customer, all good. I think it is a good beginner project because it is not overly complicated, comes with good drawings and video instructions.
myfordboy_engine.JPG Thread dimensions I changed to metric.
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Sep 2, 2011
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i to am a happy customer (refering to myfordboy) and wish i had worded things differently on those posts so as to not have stirred all that up.

Those taps and Dies were from ebay / India (not myfordboy) and took for ever to come in. i could have ordered from China and gotten them much quicker. usually tools i get from India arrive very quickly. but not in this case.
hopefully i can start moving along more quickly now that i have those.

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