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Feb 20, 2010
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Twixt Tyne and Tees
Just to remind everyone that final victory in World War 2 was against the Japanese.
Much of the events leading up to it were fought by Forgotten Armies to whom we owe a great debt.
W ell I'm not fot enough to go to the various British events but friends who are also Goldstars of Royal Air Force the 31 Squadron have reported that there will be an event at the National Memorial Arboretum to acknowledge not only the Forgotten 14th Army in Burma but those in 31 Squadron who supplied those on the ground and brought out the wounded in unarmed DC2 and 3's which we called Dakotas.
Whilst I was a Goldstar almost immediately after, my father in law was there as a Corporal like me. Our own memorial to that event and many other events dating back to BEFORE the Royal Air Force was formed is recalled by the Granite 'Star of India', which symbolises campaigns in India as it was and Burma and - would you believe it Afghanistan . 'Bomber Harris' was a Commanding Officer then.

So like all things, older ones need a seat. There is one in front of our memorial and sat on again.

There is a dedication from Dr Christine Wennington Atkinson BDS( Dunelm), FRCS( Edin) Dip Orth( RCS England) BA in memory of her father Corporal Henmnry James Alder and the rest of the Squadron - before and since.

In what was Burma there is the Kohima Stone which reads the epitaph from Ancient Greece

When you go home
tell them of us- and say
For you Tomorrow,
We gave our today

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