Upright steam engine from castings on E-bay

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May 9, 2014
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Hi everyone , i bought these castings from a Gentleman on E-bay overall they were of excellent quality ,there are no plans you just some basic info like stroke and a few other items of interest .
Has been fun building it the only thing i could not do was the flywheel its about 11 inches in a gentleman on this forum Chiptosser turned the flywheel for me, excellent job by the way.

It runs well and is and i still have a few more oilers to build and install, the stroke is 1.5 inch 2inch bore the connecting rod casting was kind of twisted so i made my own everything else was great .
As i go on to the finish ill post some updates this is the first time i have ever put a model up on the forum i hope i did not screw it up to bad!


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