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Must do dumb things....
Feb 26, 2011
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On to the next idea for my series of "steam" engines with strange layouts.

I notices on my last project, that back-driving the valve cam resulted in shaft rotation that wasn't too hard. Therefore I think I can have an engine using an offset circular cam instead of a crankshaft. I could've done a "normal" inline cylinder layout, but why not make it strange?!?

Therefore, I have each crank cam - piston section tied together with spur gears. In the middle I have a too large flywheel. (It's what I have on order). The engine will nearly fit within the 4-1/2" diameter of the flywheel.

Here's some renderings of the short block. (I haven't started any of the valving yet.)

Comments are appreciated.

Pic 1.JPG
Pic 2.JPG
Pic 3.JPG