The Most Hideous Webster 4 Stroke Ever

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Mar 16, 2019
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Also posted in finished projects as I was unsure which to go for!

Drunken threads, rough gaskets, nasty soldering, discoloured fuel lines, a complete lack of finishing and polishing. She has it all!
Well, after a long year, undertaking several projects on the way, I am delighted to have finished my Webster 4 Stroke. I am incredibly happy with what has been achieved not because of the finished product, but everything I have learned along the way.
I will keep this short but this is my first proper model engine or model engineering project ever. Prior to this I designed and made a 2 stroke which ran briefly before I scrapped it and decided using plans is a better idea to begin with. I got a hand on machine tools during school some 12 years ago and recently decided to give it another go. This project has forced me to learn how to cut gears, mill cams, cut keyways, boring heads, thread cutting, make piston rings, lap valves etc. etc.
Now for the Farmboy or Rupnow Sideshaft...
Anyway, some photos below and a video of it running, and me struggling to use a flat head scroddy.
Thanks for looking


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