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For Sale The 270 Offenhauser plans are available on a thumb drive once again.

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I had all the data on disk but no way to transfer the files to a thumb drive. The computer I used was dead. I only had an IPad. I wasn’t looking to buy a new computer. I finally bit the bullet and dug into the old computer electronics and solved the problem. It may not last long. I have 10 thumb drives programmed. After that, who knows?
I was recently able to get my old desktop computer running and am now able to transfer the Offenhauser plans on to a thumb drive. I am selling copies for $45 US. Payment can be made through PayPal to [email protected] check or money order to : Ron Colonna, 107 Lexington Drive, McKeesport, Pa, 15135. Thank you Ron Colonna
Hi Ron. So glad youve got these available again. Be looking for my Paypal from [email protected] I've included 5 extra for shipping to alaska for a thumbdrive. Thanks!
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Hi, I would like a set please.
Will send PayPal and address later today.
I put one aside for you. Best of luck. Ron Colonna
Hey Ron, I just sent you money via PayPal for the Offenhauser plans. My address should be in the PayPal message, but if it isn't just message me. It's for Doug in Pennsylvania.
Received the USB drive in tip-top shape in Monday's mail. Thanks!
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