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May 15, 2017
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North Bohemia Czech Republic
I have been looking at a refined surface carb for small engines. It is specifically for my 1/3 Benz but would be suitable for any engine. I have tried to add a degree of control which is not easily done with the ''Jan Ridders'' version. The main problem is that there is limited control by adding excess air and weakening an already weak mixture.
I have tried to overcome this by using a float chamber to control the fuel level fed from a fuel tank. The second part is a control valve which varies the amount of fuel air mix at the same time as adjusting the added air.
I have no Idea if this is potentially a useful improvement or I am going over old ground so I would appreciate any and all comments and ideas before I finalise something. I know it will not replace a proper venturi carb but some small engines just run better with a surface carb. On the control side the ratio of mix to added air can be adjusted by changing the distance between the two moving plugs.


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