Suitable boiler plans for a 1 1/2" bore Stationary Engine

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Gedeon Spilett

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Jul 24, 2010
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it depends on the type of running you require, an engine doing hard work, or a demo under steam. Just have a go with a small boiler, you will be surprised by the result I would bet. doing a large boiler is a hudge investement, a long job without using your lathe or and mill, too sad...


the engine I did here is the well known ET Westbury Vulcan, ( 7/8" Bore x 2 1/4" Stroke ) Don't look at the wobbling flywheel, it is fixed now...


John Viggers
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Mar 31, 2011
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Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Hi Ned,
I run my Bolton 7 with a 4" diameter boiler which I built from plans supplied by EJ Winter. I also used their castings for the firebox ends. It works perfectly well at about 35psi, although the boiler is rated (from memory) for 100 psi.
The boiler looks the right physical size for the Bolton 7 too.
There are some pictures on my blog You might need to scroll back to the older posts to see them. Happy to discuss further if you want to leave a message here of on the blog

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