Sieg X1 conversion

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Jun 30, 2010
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Just to add another data point, I thought I'd show my CNC converted X1 (HF Micro-mill).

The equipment is:
Harbor Freight Micro-mill
Extended x and y tables from LMS
305 oz-in steppers and "Pro" driver board from hobbycnc
X,Y and Z motor mounts, couplers and thrust bearings from cncfusion
EMC2 on an old pc (note: the first pc I tried wouldn't work because of timing issues. EMC2 explains how to test for this.)

I have had this setup for a couple years now, but just got around to tramming it today, and boy was it out of alignment. I have also heard that a gas shock on the head to take some weight off the Z motor and brass gib strips on all 3 axes will help a lot. I can only rapid at about 15 ipm right now.

I have been very happy with the Pro driver board kit from HobbyCNC. It was easy to build, set up in EMC2 very easily and the idle current reduction is a nice feature.

My next mod will be to add a small router attachment because I want to do a lot of PCB milling and the spindle speed is way to slow for small tooling.
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