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Feb 27, 2018
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Grand Rapids, Michigan
You don’t think about it until your space is violated. I guess, I knew I had some security issues in my shop. But I was busy with other things, I didn’t have time. But when you think about it, how many thousands of dollars do you have in tools in your shop? Tools can be replaced but what about the more valuable thing, your family. Well, my truck was broken into over weekend along with my neighbors. A few items were stolen, papers in the glove box thrown about. Nothing terribly valuable. Still, unsettling. We live in a relatively safe area so I’ve neglected fixing the garage access door with the broken frame. The large garage door which you can just open by hand because its not adjusted. Well, no longer. I started yesterday by fixing the frame on the access door. The garage door is next. As you can see by the first photo, not a real secure solution for a door. The door frame fixed and the opening cut for the lock. Dead bolt is next. I used angle iron to fix the frame with extra long screws. I also plan on fixing security lights which are in disrepair. Don’t be like me. Do it before you have a problem, looking around in disbelief.