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Ken K

Feb 21, 2010
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I am looking for someone, that is, using a Sherline, CNC mill with Linux operating system, to find out how long, is the learning curve, and how they like the system.
Some Background:
In 2002, I bought a Taig, 4 axis, CNC mill, and BobCad/Cam 17 software . At the time the machine control software, run in DOS. Windows 98 was the last version of Windows, that you could get to DOS . As time went on, it was getting hard, to find a computer, with 98. Mach3 was out, and it would run in XP, so bought Mach3, and a XP computer. Now it is getting hard to find a XP computer, and from what I heard, Mach3 does not run, on all Windows 7 computers. The hobby machine control software, has a problem keeping up with the Widows up grades.
Another problem is the controller uses a printer port, to connect, to the computer, which they have not put in computers, for years.
I had a XP computer fail, so went to used computer store, and got another one. Loaded Mach3 , and cut a square, and circle test cut. Circle was an ellipse. Square was fine. Took computer back, got an other one. Test cut was fine with this one. I do not have the skills to know why, the other one, did not cut right.
Mach3 is nice as you can change feed, up, or down, as the part is cutting, and you can do a cut in defined steps. With only a 1/4 HP motor, on Taig, can not cut very deep.
From what I understand Linux does not change, like MS, so would get rid of a lot of headache.
Ken K

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