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Several parts and goodies for the v-twin hoglet

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Sep 4, 2011
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I have several parts for the v-twin Hoglet. When I started making mine I thought it would be a good idea to make duplicates of each part just in case. Well, my engine is far enough along that I think I can safely get rid of the extras. What I have is not enough to build the engine, just several parts that are a pain (namely the heads, cylinders, and the cam). So I have a list of what parts are included. If you have the plans I will use the same name they are called out on the plans. I will start out with the kick starter frame.
Qty is 1 unless otherwise noted

Kick starter frame:
8-32 x .5 shcs (2)
8-32 x .75 shcs ( 11 )
front kick shaft bushing
kicker frame busing (2)
rear bearing block bushing
kick shaft (cut from included 1/4" stock)
pedal end plate (2)
shaft extension (cut from included 1/4" stock)

Materials for Engine
1/4- 28 shcs (2)
8-32 acorn nuts (10)
8-32 x .5 shcs (eight)
8-32 x 1.75 shcs (3)
Cam lobe blank (2 included just in case, have an extra, make it dual overhead cams)
Cam shaft (already attached to cam blank)
Camshaft rear bushing
Crankcase front (will need finishing) **
Crankcase rear (will need finishing) **
Crankcase top (2 will need finishing) **
Crankshaft LH section (3/8" stock included)
Crankshaft RH section (3/8 stock included)
Crankshaft bushing (2)
Cast iron Cylinder (2) Note on picture these are bored to 1" exactly. you
may want to hone them out to 1.001 per plans, up to you
Cylinder head LH ( both are complete with valve, spring, valve spring keeper,
valve guide, and spark plugs)
Cylinder head RH (these ARE different!)
O-ring piston (2 installed on pistons, and many more extras)
Piston (2)
Rocker arm (5, 1 extra just in case)
Rod Blade ( this one rides in the fork)
Rod fork
Sparkplug NGK- CM6 (2)
Stud (8, stock, you need to cut to length and thread ends)
Valve (4, already installed in head)
Valve guide " "
Valve spring " "
Valve spring keeper " "
Wrist pin (2, with some extras)

** These parts are waterjet cut and are not in a finished state. They are oversize on some parts so there would be material there to cut off to finish the parts. The top and bottom edges of the front and back are mounting surfaces and should be finished as such. Also the taper on the one side of the top plates will need cut. The bores for the cylinders are both undersize and will need finished to size. The holes for cylinder hold downs will need drilled out. All locations of holes on these parts are accurate, the hole is just a little small to leave material for finishing.

If it's not on this list, it is NOT INCLUDED! As I said earlier, this isn't a complete kit. Just some parts I have made as extras and doubt I'll need again.

I think that's all that's included. I can throw in the fixture for machining the heads if you feel you need it. I doubt I'll need it again.

This should get you up and going on the Hoglet. If you were on the fence about not wanting to make a 4 stroke because of the cam or the head/valves here's your answer.

I will let this go for $415 shipped in the US. I would rather use paypal, but if you don't do paypal a postal money order would be fine.

One last thing, I know some of these pictures are a little dark so if you want a better picture just let me know and I'll get one taken for you.
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Thanks Guys,










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Feb 3, 2013
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How did you make your cam (the process, stress proof metal, rotary table on mill then lock tite to drill rod?) And materials used?

Did you do as the plans state? 2 pieces LT together


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Apr 30, 2013
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Hi Martin

I received the Hoglet parts in the mail yesterday, immaculately made parts, absolutely fantastic machining, very happy, just got to finish the Peewee and I will get onto this, any idea where I can get the drawings?
Thailand customs must have also been impressed with the quality, just under $150 import duty plus vat!!!!!


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