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Discussion in 'The Break Room' started by gld, Jun 21, 2018.

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    I have a Samsung galaxy S4

    Anyone know how to hack into the Android phone system. My phone was 4 years old in May 2018. In July August 2017 my phone started shutting itself down at random, usually when I was trying to run an application. It would reboot until either plugging in an external battery or charger. Other times it would shut down and try to reboot itself (never succeeding) and the only way to stop it was to take the battery out. They're telling me at the store I just got an old phone I need to buy a new one because that one can't be fixed. That ain't going to happen. I know the phone is programmed to do this. Thing is how do I get in there and delete it

    I am assuming it takes special software to get into that system. But then again assuming usually gets me in more trouble.

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