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Feb 8, 2013
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Hallo Bob,
I saw your question and i can say that i also do have a Metal lathe from /QuantumOptimum - Germany/China manufactored several years
earlier than your's.
I do have the Quantum/Optimum D250 x 4000 Metal lathe which is from a good quality Mine is completly made for manual use.I like the way it looks and how nicely the finish of this lathe is.I have made about 6 modelengines on it and it's still goiing strong.The Germany part from the production is the development of the Quantum and Optimum machinery and the technical controll and support during the production from the Optimum machinery include the Metal Lathe in Yangzhou-China!
To say it in the right way the Optimum Milling Machiney and Metal Lathes can withstand every critism special when looking at the prices and After Sales.

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