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Apr 30, 2013
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Hi all

I am about to build a new workshop and fit it out with all new machinery, amazingly this is being sponsored by somweone else!!
Anyway the lathe and mill will be imported from Australia to Thailand, so my question is what do I buy? Sponsor want to go with all new machines and they will be used for larger projects not just model engineering.
All help greatly appreciated.



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Feb 19, 2013
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How big a lathe do you want? How big a budget do you have? If you are importing from Oz, take a look through the Hare and Forbes website at They are probably the country's biggest supplier. Mostly Chinese in origin I think but reasonable quality. (Except the Optimum brand in my limited experience with it.) They sell a range, so it boils down to you get what you pay for, cheap and cheerful through to the more expensive better quality serious industrial gear.

So tell us, how do you get someone to sponsor you to set up a machine shop????


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Mar 9, 2013
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Why import? There are machinery dealers in Thailand most likely importing the same stuff imported into Thailand. Seriously this makes about as much sense as importing from Australia to the US, Chinese built machinery.

Maybe im missing something if so ignore the above.


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Nov 18, 2014
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You will get the same stuff much cheaper from Bangkok in thailand.

In lathes, the 12x heavy series and up, are what You want.
If you have money, try to get one with a VFD + 3 phase motor.

Sunrise and Cromwell tools thailand are 2 that came up immediately.
Everyone in bangkok speaks english, and prices are cheaper than in more developed countries.
Vertex thailand maybe.

Buy the heaviest lathe You can find, of whatever size you need.

A "new workshop" for any commercial use, will need lots of extra stuff every commercial shop must have.
This stuff costs much more than the lathe and mills.

Stacker aka motorised pallet lifter to handle heavy loads (or crane).
Racking for full length and half length billets.
Saw. Auto saw, perhaps.
Collets and tools. These will be pretty expensive.
Metrology. This can be expensive.
Power. Power can be very expensive.
! Like 40.000 € to get power installed. Check on this.
Most commercial stuff needs 3-phase, and installing 3-phase can be very slow and/or very expensive.

So if you need anything with major power, check first, and or only set up a workshop that already has suitable power.

Get DROS !

Finishing equipment. Deburring, vibratory tumblers, paint line, powdercoating, anodising line, packing, crating, pallets etc.
Sanding, grinding, etc.

All depending on your work of course.

Note for example that a commercial finisher, like a giant belt sander, is about 100x faster than handwork, with10x better quality.
About 5000€, and up, 200 kg in mass, and up.
Usually 3-5-8 kW, 3-phase.
See what I mean ?เครื่องลับทูล