New England bus to Cabin Fever

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Nov 11, 2008
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Boothbay Maine
As they have now for several years the New England Model Engineering Society is planning a chartered bus from Boston to Cabin Fever. The bus will depart from the Riverside T station on rt 128 on Friday morning. They will make a couple pickup stops along the route, Mass Pike, I-84.

This is open to anyone that wants to go, not just club members. Its fairly inexpensive, a great bunch of guys to ride with, and always a lot of fun. Return is on Sunday, leaving the show just after noon. The club gets a good rate on a motel for all the bus riders.

For details or reservation contact Norm Jones at 978 256 9268 Norm does not do e-mail

Tin Falcon

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Jul 9, 2007
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Thanks for posting the info . We tried to talk my brother in law and sister in law into coming this year. I think he would enjoy the show and the conversations. He is a retired engineer and has a lathe at his moms house on the cape. unfortunately CF is a the same weekend as a scheduled BSA Eagle ceremony so schedule will not allow it this year. He has been scout master for years and it keeps him busy.
He also runs his own landscaping business and snowplowing in the winter.