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Feb 9, 2012
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Hello All,
I hope someone can help me figure this one out. I have a three monitor system. I am using an add on video two monitor card and the motherboard onboard video. Monitor 4 & 1 is plugged into a Visiontek HD5550 PCI express card and Monitor 2 is on the motherboard. Monitor 3 is disabled. The Visiontek is an ATI Radeon HD5550 and the motherboard is a ATI Radeon HD5400. I have video on all three monitors. They all work. I have the shared memory in the bios set to 512MB. The Visiontek is 1GB.

Now the problem. When I try to watch the videos of these great engines (or other Youtube videos) monitor 2 goes black. That is the one that is set as "Primary". Sometimes the videos run smooth when it happens other times the video is smooth then starts to pixelate and the mouse freezes before the monitor goes out. I thought that moving the video to another monitor on the PCIe card would help but it still goes out. Has anyone come across this before?


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