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For Sale Many drills, chamfers, and counterbores

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Sep 4, 2011
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I recently bought a toolbox from an auction and it was full of a bunch of drills, chamfer tools, and counterbores. The drills are all in good shape. Some of them may need sharpened, but for the most part they have little use. Some of the chamfer tools have been resharpened. The counterbores look to be mostly shop made, as in they ground a drill down. The large drill on the far left is 5/8" diameter so you can judge the size of the others. There drills are a mix of standard, number, and letter drills. I started sorting out the metric drills and quite frankly got tired of it, so there may be some metric ones in there as well but I can't guarantee that. Some drills are new, but most have little use and are in good shape. I've had these on my bench for several weeks thinking I would sort them and just decided it's not worth it to me.

I'll let them go for $75. That will include shipping and tracking through USPS. They are already packed in a medium flat rate box ready to go.

Thanks for looking,

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