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Sep 4, 2011
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I was perusing facebook marketplace last week and found this gem. It was about a two hour drive from me. It's a machine built in 2007, English and Metric threading, 4k rpm spindle. There is a 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, tailstock chuck, live centers, full set of collets plus an almost full set of metric collets, Acu-rite readouts, two lights, chip guard, also had a 10 hp phase converter that went with it. Had a mill 5c collet indexer as well. I got enough tooling and inserts to last me the rest of my life as well. Oh yeah, and he threw in a pallet jack so I could get it on a lift gate truck. Just the machine I've been looking for since I started in this line of work. I've been using Hardinge HLV-EM's since I started my apprenticeship in '99 so this machine is exactly what I was looking for. I spent a day cleaning up all the old dust and dirt off it, not that there was much. The only thing that gave me any trouble was the threading gearbox. It looked like someone fell asleep while putting grease in it with an automatic grease gun. There was about 5 lbs of grease in there. It was old and cold, so it took awhile to clean that up. Other than that small issue I haven't had any trouble with it. I've made several parts for a Stuart No.1 I've been working on. I won't say what I paid, but it was WAAAY below market value.




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