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Feb 14, 2010
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Last year I said goodbye to my flash steam hydroplane and all its parts.
The new owner is an ex flash steam record holder so know it's in good hands.
Am now involved in making a full size power unit based on the record model hopefully to power a wheeled vehicle.
As involved in the past and present full size motorcycle speed record attempts which is my first love am reborn meeting old and new speed nuts mainly at Elvington top speed attempts.
Nice to know am still remembered as was first motorcycle to do 200mph at Elvington in 1974 also fastest in the UK on my scrapyard special.
Have 4 class records as well in the 1970's.
Many of todays top speed bikes have mainly bolt on parts but a dedicated few have and are building some extraordinary machines.
A friend who use to watch me as a 12 year old and now is a record holder his latest creation is a steam rocket motorcycle.
Another lad built a laid down 2 wheel drag racing machine the other year while he was testing at Elvington wanted a transmission spacer making as went tits up.
Was pleased I could help a simple Job but meant he could still run and went faster.
Could not keep away from speed in the modelling scene and tethered hydroplanes appealed to me as long as built within the regulations mine was experimental.


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