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Aug 29, 2007
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Hello, everyone. My name is Marv (Klotz) and, despite having already made a few posts, I'd like to introduce myself and offer a little background.

I'm a retired aerospace physicist who has been addicted to machining metal since my high school metal shop class - my only 'formal' training. In the 70s I bought a Unimat and set out to build Rudy Kouhoupt's two cylinder marine engine from a plan set purchased through "Popular Mechanics".

Work, including two years of consulting in Paris and Bremen, family, children, etc. intervened and the engine wasn't finished until fifteen years later. By that time I had realized the limitations of the Unimat and bought a 12 x 20 lathe and a mill/drill. Since then I've built a number of engines and numerous bits of specialized tooling to help in the process of building miniatures.

I'm a member of (and former president of) SCHSM - Southern California Home Shop Machinists - a lively club that meets monthly in Torrance, CA. If you're in the SoCal area, you're welcome to visit with us. Details are available on the club webpage:


My club gallery page is located at:


Go there and you can see some of the models and tools I've built. Click on the thumbnails and you'll see the verbiage attached to some of the photos.

With my analytical background, I tend to use mathematics to simplify many of the specialized jobs I've encountered. The collection of computer programs that resulted from this effort grew large enough that I thought it would be worth making available to other amateur machinists. Visit my web page (see sig for address) and check out what is available there. You may find something useful for your own work.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with your forum and contributing when I can. It promises to be an entertaining experience.

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