Homemade 3 phase electric motor

Discussion in 'The Break Room' started by kadora, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Hello friends
    Short time ago I have finished my cnc router and started to learn how to work with it.
    My first project was unusual very simple 3 phase brushless motor .
    I got this motor design idea long long time ago so I had simple and "useful" project
    for my cnc learning and at the same time testing if my idea is working .
    Rotor and stator was cut from 1,5 mm hard aluminium sheet , coils core cut out from
    old transformator and to the rotor I glued strong magnets.
    Assembled engine runs better than I thought. 2019-04-21-3032.jpg 2019-04-21-3035.jpg 2019-04-21-3039.jpg

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