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Dec 15, 2007
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S.W. LA.
This machine was built in Welsh, Louisiana, shortly after WW11, 1946, the Crowl brothers two of them served in the war and when they returned the open the machine shop, being inventors they made several things for farm work, this was in the Ricefield country, they made several items that they made and did not apply for pattens, never though that what they were casting and machining would be used outside of this farm community, well they were soon proven wrong picked up by large companies and mass produced, so they had all the work and repairs they wanted one of them told me when it was slow one winter he said the Machinist and welders were sitting by the fire and the told them to build a vertical mill, they had just come back from a trip to California and had seen the Bench Master Mill while over there, that was side line, they went because they had heard of land leveling the rice fields over there, they road Harley Davisions 45's, that was real men, so they learned about land leveling, getting back here they built the first ones and worked wonderful, some still exist to this day, so when they get back they built something close to that mill they seen, he gave it to a fellow and by change the fellow that gave the 8X12 lathe had it sitting on the slab where his shop one was and I said that I knew of the mill so the young fellow gave it to me, I am going to give it back to him
someday, course in working condition.

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