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Jul 9, 2007
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Here's the rules
Basic Internet Forum Etiquette
1) Lurk before you leap. Browse though the forum and see what we are about. If you have a question search and see if the topic has come up before.
2 ) Post an introduction . Please post a thread in the welcome section Tell us about yourself , your shop and your interests in model engine building.
3)Give a good first impression. . we can only judge you by your own words. If your first post is selling something we may think you are a spammer and you may be deleted.
4)DO Join sign up and pull up a chair.
5)DO tell us where you are from in your signature line or personal text.
6)DO get involved asking and answering questions
7)DO show respect to other members.
8)DO stay on topic this board is about model engine building.The machines and techniqes to complete the task. Try to pick the sub fora that fits your question or your post. Use the break room for OT fun stuff.
9)DO have fun.
10)DO listen to the Administrators and moderators and follow the rules.
11)DO report violations of rules.
12)DO Not double post this is irritating and you get two conversation about the same thing.
13)DO work safe read the safety rules and follow them.
14)DO respect copy right laws. Read the thread on copyright policy
15)DO NOT post spam porn or other unwanted topics. This site is family friendly we want it friendly to women children and small animals. Also do not post known hot topics such as politics, religion, gun control ect these can get ugly way too fast.
16)Do not post any content that is illegal or dangerous. These thread will be dealt with as the staff sees fit. Removal of the thread and reports to local authorities if needed.
17)DO NOT bug the admins and moderators. Questions and Comments should be posted on the forum. Not directed to the staff via PM or E-Mail. But we are here if you NEED us.
18)Thank you to all that have signed up and behaved in an admirable manner and contribute to this forum. Your continued support will help us keep this forum as an example to others.
19) Do maintain and update links that you post . links change please try to keep them up to date.
20) Do leave your threads in tact. please correct if needed but IMHO it is rude and childish to delete your posts because you decide not to hang here.

Tin Falcon

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