Grizzly Stirling H8101

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Nov 28, 2009
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Good day all,

Having seen a recent thread querying info on the subject model, I found the manual containing the drawings and downloaded it. It seems to build into quite a nice project but a couple of the parts are not included with the package. The one, the hot cylinder, is not too much of a challenge as the dimensions can pretty much be scaled from some of the pictures of the finished model. I took a flyer at the other one, the power piston "guessing" what it might have to be like from the associated components. However, as can be seen from my CAD layout (which is still a work in progress), I don't have it quite right - with a resulting descrepency of 7mm. in the height of the build. Now I can see a number of ways to get around this error, but if anyone out there can help me with any information of how it was done in the kit I would be really pleased. Thanks in anticipation,

cheers John K.


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