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Apr 20, 2017
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To all my fellow model engineering friends,
Quite often I educate and entertain my selves by reading this forum and watching related videos on YouTube. In fact, I have learned ALL I know about the subject this way. Grateful to all you contributors at any level.
Besides education the entertaining part is actually very important to me. In times where TV is for the most a carrier for commercials, I find my selves in the arm chair watching model engineering videos on YouTube instead. Must be away from the shop at least some time. Guess many retired model engineers do this all the time.
In that regards I wanted to give you a hint. There is one, in fact two, small YouTubers I think deserves some attention. That is Keith Appelton. He makes short steam engine videos almost every day. They are meant for beginners, but I find it worth watching even If I often is beyond the level he makes videos about. He’s so calm and relaxing to listen to and the footage is very good. Pleasant for the eye and ear when you just want to relax.
And the other one is he’s daughter Charlotte Appelton’s steam clinic. She has put up a page to support her dads page. She’s supposed to handle questions and answers and make videos too. This page never took off and that is a shame. It is a grate potential in this concept. I mean, a woman in this crowd is a pleasant contribution in its selves. And some of the point here is that she’s going the old school Steam Punk theme. I believe she’s a professional media woman and she puts effort into styling both the page and her selves to fit the bill. I find this idea very good and hoped it would evolve. I support them both on Patreon and just wanted to share because I think they deserve it.
(BTW, I don’t know them or being related in any way).


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