Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder, fins, valve stems and exhaust

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Oct 27, 2021
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Hi all, I am building the above engine, and would like some experience sharing! The plans are great, ( could do with some build notes?) But in places are drawn 2 dimensionally that can't be reproduced in 3d. Case in point is the fins on the head. They are shown right across the head same .250 depth all the way but don't seem to intersect the valve stem guides that are cut into the stock of the head. I did consider separate guides screwed and locktighted in but with only .157 to hold them it did not seem enough so I made some cutters and made valveguides to drawing, hence the fins are not! Just best fit. Secondly I am having trouble making the exhaust pipe, drawing calls for thin wall brass, I no amount of annealing, even soaking redhot for 5 hours and aircooling, is working . I have made a tubebender with accurate formers, as per my aerospace experience, result inside bend crimps, outside flattens. Going to try sand or cerobend next if I can obtain any, otherwise increase od and go for copper?

Harlots of help from this forum inthe past, thanks guys


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