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Jul 25, 2013
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Not sure if you want the first or second engine. I'm creating plans for the first Ford engine (single cylinder), drawing from the Ford archives, Leon Ridenour's sketches, and suggested improvements by posters on this forum. The plans include subtle mods that allow for easier construction, at the same time solving some of the frustrations some builders have had getting their engines to run. Stay tuned for pdf files on this website.
If still available could I recieve plans for the first engine; forward to
Thank you


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Jan 29, 2011
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North Central Florida, USA
I have got a cast iron curve spoke wheel. The only thing is the wheel is about 4 foot high. I have entertained the idea to make this engine scaled up in all portions. I need to get off the pot and do something.
Beautiful engine.

Jennifer Edwards

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Aug 9, 2018
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I'd like to send out a big Thank You to Chris ("Vascon2196") and all the others on this forum who posted advice in helping Chris get his Ford engine running. This undoubtedly saved me a huge amount of time in constructing mine.

I was able to avoid problems with valve seating, electrical, carburetor, etc. by either studying Chris' solutions or incorporating solutions proposed by others. I also was able to come up with a couple innovations to make building this engine easier than past designs, while still having the look and feel of Ford's original prototype.

It took about ten minutes worth of tinkering with the carburetion and it was off and running on Coleman fuel. :)

I'm now in the process of tearing it down to clean up the details and install the battery and buzz coil in the base. When I get it re-assembled, I'll post photos and provide pdf files of my valve and cylinder mods.

P.S. (The flywheel is a pretty ugly casting. Any suggestions on a 13-inch dia alternative?)

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i now this reply is rather late, but I just LOVE the look of that flywheel. it seems apropriate to the priod that ford was dong his thing. Also I am willing to bet that old Henry used whatever he could scrounge up when first experimenting with his engine.

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