Ford's First Engine replica - casting project

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May 29, 2012
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Just started working on a project to make some castings for an eventual build of a replica Ford 1893 engine (aka Kitchen Sink Engine). I'm collaborating with an acquaintance to make the mold patterns and get them cast at a local foundry. We plan to make at least two replica engines, with the goal of making them look as much like the original as possible.

We'll be working on two parts: The flywheel, and the combustion chamber. I will be 3D printing the patterns. The printed patterns will need some post printing work to make them ready for the foundry - this will be done by my acquaintance.

Right now I am working on the flywheel. The first step is to design a copy of the original flywheel in 3D CAD:

The flywheel is too big to print all at one time on my Prusa Mk3/S printer, so I "cut" the flywheel into sections in CAD:
Here are a couple of segments test printed and fitted together:

Each segment takes about 8 hours to print.