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Aug 5, 2013
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Ohio, USA
Here again, lets not be misleading to those are not as experienced with the different cutting tools.

I too have many Hss Lathe tool bits, around 40 of them in .250, 375 and .500
Most of them are M42, so that those who don't know, these have a percent of Colbalt in them.
The Colbalt makes the tool more tallerable to heat and wear.

They are ground to many different shapes for many different needs and pupose's.

Carbide inserts, used for turning on a lathe have many shapes and profiles. These shapes formed in an on the insert give each shape a different charateristics. ie: nose radius, chipcutter shapes, relief, edge profile, edge radius, ect.
All these different features cause the chip to brake and cut different materials that have different charateristics.

Some of the inserts used for exotic materials are very expensive They are special materials like ceramic and diamon, cbn and are intended for specific materials. Some of these are as much as 100. an insert. So , no you would not want to forget to change inserts.
There is a lot to learn about grinding tools for your need, type of material, spindle speed, feed speed, machine capablity.
If I need special shapes, I grind and use my HSS M42 tools. When I have a lot of material to remove and a lot of parts to make I am going to set-up my carbide tooling. I use the inserts best suited for the material.
Milling, This is where my Question started, back in post #19

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