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May 6, 2020
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New Zealand
Hi all,

I have spent the last few days converting the drawings to metric and doubling the size.
Finding square material big enough was rather tricking so my best option was to start with round bar, 7” diameter is required.
The next problem was how to hold it in the mill, I have quite a big cnc mill but the jaws on the vices are not tall enough to go past half of the diameter of the round bar, the vices are not long enough to grab 10” long, so my only option was to stand it on its end on the table. I squared up the ends on a manual lathe and then drilled a 1” hole all the way through the center. I can now bolt it directly to the table, the hole is counterbored so I can completely machine the end face and down 2” around the outside , I will flip it over and do exactly the same on the other end. That will give me flats of 2” long at each end that I can hold between two vices to machine every side.

I will post updates as I progress.



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