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May 28, 2012
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Do you avoid spray painting because of the difficulty in handling the paint and cleanup? Well, DeVilbiss has developed a system called DeKups (what else) that is an amazing addition to their guns as well as other brands of guns. Basically it is a quick change and quick cleanup system. The key components are as follows:
The basic container:

Shown above its the disposable plastic paint container resting in the plastic frame. When pushed down into the frame you are ready to strain, add paint, and thinner. They also have a strainer that goes in but I just use the paper disposable funnel filters.

Next, you add the plastic cap as depicted above.

Above the frame cap is tightened on which seals the top to the disposable plastic container. While in the position you attach to the adapter on the gun.

The above diagram shows how the container is twisted on the adapter. Please note that you will do this with the gun upside down so as not to spill the paint.
So, below you see the component parts:

From bottom to top in the picture you see frame, disposable container, disposable lid, and tighten on lid.

Assembled it looks like the above picture.

The DeKups system comes in 9 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz systems. the picture below shows all three:

Finally, it really works as demonstrated below:

There are some real additional advantages with this system:
First, you can add a plug to the assembled container and cap and keep your paint after you have mixed it up ready to go to the next job. Don't forget that you can only do this on single part (non-catalyzed paints). I keep one of these filled with Polyurethane clear for wood projects.

Secondly, the soft plastic container collapses as the paint is used up which means there is no vent hole to drip paint on your project.

Third, it makes cleanup easy. Eastwood has an aerosol injection cleaner and lubricator that you can clean your gun out. I also keep one filled with lacquer thinner for final gun cleaning and rinse.

In addition it comes in three sizes, 9 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz. I have all three but I like the 24 oz. best.

Finally, if you are a cheapskate like I am you can use the disposable containers and tops over and over again. I used the same disposable container and cap on all four coats.

This system fits a wide range of guns like Binks and Iwata and others. Be sure to specify that when ordering and I would order from a knowledgeable desk person so you don't collect inappropriate adapters.

For more complete information see:

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