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For Sale CNC Laser for sale

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Aug 10, 2013
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I wish to sell my CNC Co2 Laser I built a few years ago which I don't get to use very much. In fact it only has around 20 hours use according to the hourmeter. I get more enjoyment out of designing and building rather than operating.
This was designed and built by me and is a very capable machine. It has a 600 x 1200 bed size with a fully controllable Z axis with around 300mm of travel and a 100 watt laser tube with with red laser dot marker. It has a Trocen controller and I also use Lightburn via a laptop which can be either wireless or ethernet. It has extraction via a large extractor operated by foot switch and also a chiller for the laser with temp readout on the laser machine. There are several lenses for various focal lengths as well as a blower for the lens/nozzle supplied by a small compressor. The machine is quite large as it has storage underneath, Built from 20 x 40 extrusions clad in Dibond panels coloured red and blue with a smoked lid. I also have a rotary unit I built which will be included.
I can email pictures for anyone who is interested and you are quite welcome to try it if you are serious about the laser.
Price £3200.

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