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Jan 28, 2020
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Hello Folks! I own an H32 "Britan" repetition lathe, and need to get it fully up to scratch. Now Andrew Engineering have finished up, can anyone tell me of a source of spares? Specifically, I'm looking for a 2 MT tailsock quill, the plate for power drilling that pivots off the tool tray, the corresponding tailstock quill collars and a fresh flexible hydraulic hose. And silly things like the ebonite quill handles, and a quill lock.

With the exception of the flexible hose, whilst I could make this stuff, I have a b*ll*xed hand and it would take me an age.

Can anyone Help? I can't imagine that Andrew Engineering's stocks were not sold on, but to whom?

Has anyone got any of the above bits they'd like to sell?


Andrew UK

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