Anyone else playing around with the Microcosm engines?

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Jul 4, 2014
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I've got the M-17b on order to play around with, make it actually do something....thinking powering a small N-scale portable layout as well as its own CDI unit which should be <20 watts total...wondering if anyone else has dabbled with them. They seem to run reasonably well from what I can find on YT.

The biggest thing sticking in my mind that would improve them would be the piston ring. They use viton o-rings for this currently and I forsee these being an eternal thorn in my side given I want it to do something more than spin its own flywheel once in a blue moon. Cylinder liner is a stainless steel for corrosion resistance so I imagine machining the aluminum piston for a cast iron ring and honing the cylinder to suit would be a massive, yet fairly simple and straightforward, upgrade for it.

Will know more when I get it in my hands, of course, but I am curious if anyone else has been playing with them as well.

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