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Oct 19, 2012
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Now you have done it. I have been manual machining for several years now and think (?) I am ready to step up a bit to Arduino control. Get it? Step up, a bit.
In my previous life life I was an electrician/contractor who did industrial control work. No comedian, kept my day job. I attended my first PLC control school in 1982 and have installed and maintained them until I retired. Besides the PLC's we installed steppers, data loggers, inductive/capacitive sensors, photo eyes and all other methods of sensing and control. So I look at myself as having a little bit of a head start on the subject.
Real reason for this post is there must be a source to find some info on the products available and what they will adapt too. In my case primarily a Bridgeport J Head Mill made in 1968. With this info I will be able to figure out how deep I care to dive into this portion of the trade.
Please let me know the folks to deal with and avoid the fly by nighters who pop up on Google searches.
Thanks guys and you all have a great Christmas Season. Thm:

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