A chimney for a Stuart 504 boiler

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Nov 30, 2016
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Hi all,

Started on this for a friend today.

First a jig has to be made to support the tube in the lathe. A scrap piece of Ali is faced off in the chuck.

Then double sided tape and the wooden blanks can be turned to the internal size of the tube.

These are then put in the 3 jaw and drilled to 8mm to accept the M8 threaded rod.

To hold the threaded rod in the chuck, two nuts are cut part way through so they compress in the three jaw.

The finished jig in the lathe, live center at tailstock end. I found that I needed to take a few more thou off and use double sided tape to get it to turn and hold effectively.

The ends were squared up using a R/H and L/H flat topped HSS tools.

Also began on the chimney cowl, but got called in for food.
The blank was dialed in and the 3 jaw, and faced, and this is where I got to before tea.

After recharging my stomach.

The one side was turned down to the ID of the copper tube, so it was a snug fit.

The the part was flipped and dialed in so it was running within 2thou. The top slide was set over so the angle could be turned on the rim of the cap.

The center was the drilled to the largest taper drill I have.*

Once I'd reached the largest dia with a drill I looked for my boring bar, couldn't find it, so found this tool instead, with an offset head, a little nervously fed into the hole, expecting a chrash, but checking the whole time it just fit.

The bore was turned to just over 1" when I say just over 1" didn't look big enough so made it bigger. And relived the corner so it wasn't a sharp point.

All done and finished.*

Overall happy with the results, and I'm sure Phil will be too. In all 5hours at the lathe today, including 1 hour of tidying and oiling the lathe up from it's winter hibination.













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