1/4 Galloway springs and rpm's ?

Discussion in 'General Engine Discussion' started by blockmanjohn, Mar 22, 2018.

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    I am working on the governor for my 1/4 Galloway and just wound the spring to the dimensions on the plan, i.e. .016 music wire, .234 inside diameter and .634 over all length. It seems really slack when installed and the adjuster has to be all the way to its shortest setting for the spring to bring the weight back. I measured the total length from one end of the specified 30 turns to the other, not including the bent turns on the ends which serve to mount the spring. Is this correct or should these ends be counted towards the over all length? I know I will have to fiddle with the dimensions to get it to work properly, but I would like to start out on the right foot. If any one could give me the dimensions of a spring they use that actually works, I would appreciate it.

    Also, what are the rpm's that this engine should be running at.

    Thanks a lot, John.

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