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  1. jpdenver

    Stuart Compound Twin Build -

    Hello all, I am a relative newbe here and in a machine shop. A little background - I am an almost-retired electrical engineer, still have a day job as a contractor for certain government agencies. I am self-taught as a machinist, and have slowly built up a small shop. I use a Sherline Lathe...
  2. Beckerdi

    Coles Power Models - Stuart Turner No. 4 Vertical Steam Engine

    This is a beautifully made Stuart No. 4 steam engine. This engine was part of the amazing Coles Power Models in-store museum display in Oxnard California for many years. This Stuart No. 4 runs on both steam and air and has chrome plating on the eccentric, the crankshaft and the flywheel. This...
  3. Beckerdi

    Coles Power Models Museum Engines For Sale

    Hi all! I'm the widow of Martin Becker - posted on here before once or twice. I'm officially selling the pieces from the Coles Museum (about 35 engines) - I was hoping to find someone who would buy the collection together and keep it together but if that doesn't happen I'll be looking to sell...
  4. C

    Wanted - Drawings for A Stuart Turner Twin Launch engine

    I have an old set of castings for one of these engines bought in the 70's but the drawings have been mislaid. Does anyone have a set they no longer need that I could purchase. thanks