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  1. Pauldg

    Conversion of a cheap Chinese 3020 cnc mill

    For those looking at a cheap CNC mill, have a look at our blog: https://awesome.tech/the-3020-6040-cnc-mill-1-day-upgrade-challenge/ Enjoy!
  2. Pauldg

    Aweome.Tech display

    Today we launch SuperGerbil.com, a dedicated store for our range of laser and CNC controllers. The store sells our laser and CNC controllers and accessories in a standard shopping cart format. As with Awesome.Tech, local and international shipping is included in the product price. We’ll...
  3. Pauldg

    Cnc3020 1 day upgrade to open source G-Code

    My friend Dan and I did a one day upgrade of the cheap Chinese eBay cnc3020 machine. We made a YouTube movie of that day and compressed it into 10 mins, enjoy!