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    Building KEN I Rotary broaching tool

    Since its too cold to finish the painting work on the Tacchella grinder I decided to make a long desire happening, drilling square or hexagonal holes! There are several treads about this subject here and I decided to make the holder based on the design of KEN I. Thank you for sharing and the...
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    Weldon model S relieving fixture

    Dear all, Yesterday I purchased a Weldon relieving fixture to sharpen drills. It came with a full set of collets and 10 different cams (some are double sided). The only thing missing is a manual of the device, I have tried to look on the internet but I cannot find any useful information about...
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    Tacchella AU300 universal tool grinder

    It has been a little while since I have posted progress on the Stuart 10H build. The reason is that I found a nice grinding machine, I have a lathe (manual and CNC), milling machine (manual and CNC) but did not have a decent grinding machine yet. I was looking for something small (shop is...
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    Stuart 10H build

    Hi guys! It has been a while since I have been here, sorry for that. I started flying RC helicopters and it took most of my time lately. More complicated than expected and also I am not 18 anymore. Its all about programming the remote control operation in your brain. As soon as you have the...
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    Stuart Engineering Lathe

    After many months of machining, learning, struggling and all things I forgot finally my miniature lathe is finished! The build is described here: Thanks to everybody providing solutions and tips during the build, and of...
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    google safety warning

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, but is there something that can be done to stop google from bothering me with an annoying message about this site being suspicious at every mouse click. Below the information from the google warning: Advisory provided by...
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    Stuart engineering Lathe

    Dear All, Since I am new on this site let me introduce myself for a moment. My name is Jeroen, I am 38 years old, I am from Holland and have an electronic background. Mechanics always had my interest, so in 2007 I bought my first machines and started to build a 17cc one cylinder IC engine...