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    Trouble Downloading

    I was wondering if anybody has been having trouble down loading anything on this site if not is there somebody out there that might be able to help me. I have been having trouble down loading any thing from the Down Load page especially the bigger files. Thanks Cliff
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    Brass/ Aluminium Detailing

    I have been trying to find a curtain way to detail Brass/ Aluminium it consists of putting small swirls on the metal to give it a different type of finish. I heard it called " Pearlauge " but I am not sure of the spelling I was wonder if anybody out there new what I was talking about. Cliff
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    Bench Height

    I am getting ready to build a bench for my Smithy 1220 lathe/mill and due to health issues I can't stand for very long so I will be running it setting down most of the time and I wanted to get some of you folks ideas on how high to make the bench I will be setting in a office chair...
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    Harbor freight - Grizzly - Enco Tools

    I was wondering which tool company sells the better quality tools for the price. I thought I would get you guy's opinion on the subject. I am getting ready to buy a few things and am having trouble deciding which is the best buy for the money. Cliff