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    Where are you from?

    Hi everyone. I'm from Australia NSW Jon. I'm retired and trying to get a bit of time to do more of what I would like to do and start on making a model, may be a steam engine of some sort but may have to get a better Milling machine. Mine is the old fashioned one without a dovetail pedestal and...
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    Atlas acorn tools shaper.

    What is the stroke please and how much do you want for it. ? I'm on the Central Coast.
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    Arduino Rotary Table for Dummies

    Really appreciate your trouble to provide this information. Great work.
  4. Hercus Lathe

    Hercus Lathe

    The Mill Y Axis nut was loose and cracked, probably because it was loose and worn. out. X Axis nut replaced too. Not show here.
  5. Hercus Lathe

    Hercus Lathe

    To my surprise the lap marks still there. May confirm the sellers claim he mostly use the machine as a drill. !
  6. Mill Drill Quill gear teeth broken & replaced

    Mill Drill Quill gear teeth broken & replaced

    Mill Drill Quill Cast Iron teeth broken. New one replaced this.
  7. Hercus Lathe

    Hercus Lathe

    The Quill worm drive OK but a bit worn. Got a new one at a greatly reduced price because it was old stock that theory wanted to get rid off.
  8. Hercus Lathe

    Hercus Lathe

    My two machines. A lathe and Mill Drill. Lathe is a old OZ made Hercus 9 inch A Model.
  9. Hercus Lathe

    Hercus Lathe

    A Taiwanese Mill Drill of unknown make. Show just unloaded.