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    UNF threads

    ShopShoe, Here you go! thanks for your food for thought. I googled a lot before my post with no answer to my question, but I think the following link takes you to all kinds of threads with all information you need...
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    UNF threads

    Hello all you there, I want to mill UNF 5/16 20 and #10 32 on my cnc mill with a 60° thread mill. I live in Germany and am not familiar with US threads. I found values for drilling core holes, but nothing about how deep the threads are to be cut. Can anybody help? Regards Thorsten
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    289/302 Ford V-8 enginee

    Hello George, Your Model looks great! a while ago I built the Subaru WRX EJ20 Boxer Engine Model from Github, it turned out very well on My Photon Mono X 6k resin printer. I would like to give your Model a try if you share the files. Thorsten
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    Stirling helicopter Polyketon, M:0,5 16Z bore 3mm
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    Stirling helicopter

    Helicopter – The Art and Craftsmanship of Zeamon, this link is in the helicopter thread. It is a two blade version, but you easily can adapt it. Thorsten
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    Stirling helicopter

    Hello, this is my version of the helicopter, the only problem I observed were the bushings of the displacement cylinder, they broke while drilling until I got myself a 2.95 mm carbide drill. Thorsten
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    Maudslay vertical twin

    Hi John, thank you so much for your encouraging words! Maybe you'll find some more for this double sided beam engine that I just finished. Close to the design by Bob Middleton/ metric: Julius DeWaal.
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    Maudslay vertical twin

    It seems to be running now. Thorsten
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    Maudslay vertical twin

    Hi all, after many many hours I got my project finished (almost). I used plans supplied by Julius, who converted them into metric and adapted size to fit my 240 mm Optimum lathe. Milling was done on my DIY 3 (4) axles portal milling machine (ver. 3). But see for yourself. I haven't applied...
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    Chuck Fellows twin cylinder oscillating steam engine

    Hello, now that I got my Gerry Dykstra Beam engine finished, I'd like to give the above mentioned engine a try. I got all the drawings, but it is all in imperial. Since I live in Germany, I'd rather stick to the metric system. I wonder if someone has transcribed it to metric and would share his...
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    New member

    Hello, I'm a retired Geologist from Germany, unfortunately not without a job. I always liked to make things, mechanical and electronic. First thing I built after retirement was a CNC mill, after the third attempt I was satisfied, though there still are thing that might be improved. It runs on...