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  1. Majormallock

    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    Hi, I had thesame problem, I fixed it by filling the annealed tubes with trade product called cerrobend, another name for it is "Woods metal", I think its an alloy of lead and bismuth. It does however have a very low melting point 154 deg C. As yourself I also needed to make a right size 9/32...
  2. Majormallock

    Another Edwards 5 Radial

    Hi Guys, I understand the problem. The drawing calls up 40 thou fins, , for my version I ground a thin parting tool. It worked but very slowly. So I bought some 40 thou slitting saws, ganged 3 together and put them in the mill and used my rotary table. That worked well. I liked your cam ring...
  3. Majormallock

    small camshaft

    Edgar T Westbury's book on model engine shows how to build a fixture for use in a lathe. Internet search should find it, plus YouTube will show you one.
  4. Majormallock

    Commer T3S

    Only one word will doo .... WOW! Don't suppose any drawings came with it?
  5. Majormallock

    Hoglet Brass flywheels less expensive source?

    Hi, whilst I recognise the density of material is different, I made my flywheels of large pipe steel fange with the centre of black strap steel, then chemically blacked them. Still came out as a heavy set of flywheels.
  6. Majormallock

    Zdenek in the Czech Republic

    Very impressive, the cast exhaust collector ring looks especially nice, I would love to know how you did it.
  7. Majormallock

    Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder compression ratio?

    Thanks for this i will look at the web site
  8. Majormallock

    Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder compression ratio?

    I have compensated the height of the sub con rods so they arenall the same in the bores. I have left material on the top of the cast iron liners for any needed removal. I have made my own carb to the Kiwi 2 drawings, on this engine without float chamber(at the moment), just positioning the tank...
  9. Majormallock

    Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder compression ratio?

    Hi, thanks for the attachment, very helpful. I copied the stand from one I saw in Aerospace where I used to work. I brazed it, which I need to practise more as close up some of the joints could be better. However it allows good access plus I am going to be able tohang the fuel tank and control...
  10. Majormallock

    Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder compression ratio?

    Hi, Folks. At the end of my build of Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder glow plug engine and at the commissioning stage. Cant find any build notes so my question to all is: as this is a glow engine using mix of nitro and methodology, what should the compression ratio be. At the moment I have it at 8.5...
  11. Majormallock

    Forrest Edwards 5 cylinder radial

    Entering the final stages of manufacture now, only got fix the fuel tank bracket and make the control panel. Lokking to the next stage of plumbing in and buying/making glow ignition set. Only have a 16" prop fitted as yet, should be good enough for running in.
  12. Majormallock

    Tim from Telford, UK

    Been workshop space poor all my life, but a separate mill is worth trying to fit in, it brings so many more option. I never got on with my Myford, despite it being the popular model engineers option. I suggest a small ex tool room lathe such as Harrison, Colchester, Holbrook or Hardinge, they...
  13. Majormallock

    Kiwi Mk II

    A wise person once said" he who has not made scrap has not made anything" Really nice looking casting. Like Andrew i hewed mine out solid. Put it on a Hoglet.
  14. Majormallock

    Motor recommendations for My "Bonds Maximus" ("Portass Model S") please ?

    If evening is best for you leyland society of model engineers meets every second week, 7:30 pm Farington con club. Next meeting 3rd March. You would be very welcome
  15. Majormallock

    Motor recommendations for My "Bonds Maximus" ("Portass Model S") please ?

    Oh by the way if your in the North West try Worden Park in Leyland and go meet the Leyland Society of model engineers, they run steam engines on a Sunday but do the full range of models, and agreat bunch of likeminded guys and very helpful. Also sometimes a source of used motors!. A few of us...
  16. Majormallock

    Motor recommendations for My "Bonds Maximus" ("Portass Model S") please ?

    Machine mart sell a good range, they are all over the area, one in Preston corner of Blackpool Lane, Ribhleton Lane. Also so in Wigan between Newtown and Robin Park. 3/4hp would be sufficient but for price difference go for a 1hp ( or .75kw), they come with different mounts so pick one that...
  17. Majormallock

    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    Many thanks
  18. Majormallock

    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    Very nice mount Peter, given me some ideas to possibly use, thanks. By the way, what compression ratio do you use
  19. Majormallock

    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    Hi Peter, the former rolls around with the tube , sliding with the handle. Using a roller as you suggest would be better, especially if you were planning reuse for other tube siz3s