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    Painting aluminum castings problems and questions.

    I have to go along with Terry's recommendation of Gun Kote. Grit blast with 120 aluminum oxide grit, wash clean with detergent, then spray it on. I use a cheap air brush at 15 to 20 psi. No primers needed for any base metal like aluminum or brass. If you mess up your paint application just wash...
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    Wasted spark in 2 cylinder engine

    Xander, The exhaust cadence of a 180 degree crank in a two cylinder engine is definitely different just as it is in an old JD two cylinder engine. Your question about the possibility of firing both cylinders simultaneously with a wasted spark ignition is valid. Just looking at the condition in...
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    Set Screw Advice

    Set screws do have limitations. Binding can easily exceed the limits on non marring small set screws. Other methods such as Dykem should be used first to detect the source of binding. Never try to "run-in" any engine with serious binding issues. Always finish up with new set screws once...
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    Set Screw Advice

    I know the problems you are having. Bin there. You cannot rely on a smooth surface friction fit with no marks in the shaft for anything but light fitting. Even light wrench torque on a good hard set screw will cause burrs. Relieve the shaft .010"-.020" as advised above. The standard cup point...
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    Looking for input on a cylinder block corrosion issue.

    Eccentric, It appears you are using a radiator designed for computer processor cooling. Unlike engine radiators they were designed to handle very low delta T (approx. 10⁰ F) across the radiator. Indoors a model engine can use a radiator with a 90-100⁰ F Delta T so they are very effective at...
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    25 HP Nash

    Doug, You have an excellent runner. Congratulations. May I suggest that you don't forget to add a gear guard to your engine before too long. I couldn't tell the rotation direction of your engine, but accidents can happen in the strangest ways. Your carburetor problems with propane are common...
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    Bates & Edmonds gas engine electric plant

    Ken, The long rods do not work on the push stroke. They work on the pull stroke. You first adjust the angle of the top valve lever nominally by guess until till you get a near 90 degree angle between the pull rod and the top lever to maximize mechanical advantage against the valve spring torque...
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    Bates & Edmonds gas engine electric plant

    Bill, Yes the alternator will do 36 watts but is limited by the 3 amp voltage controller. As an alternator only it could be rated for 55 watts if I could find a suitable voltage control. It is a capable alternator, but it is not efficient due to its solid rotor. My goal has been to demonstrate...
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    Bates & Edmonds gas engine electric plant

    Bill, You are correct, power does not scale linearly. The 1/8th engine scale of this model refers only to the engine component dimensions. When the dimensions of an engine are scaled down to 1/8th of the original engine size the model engine displacement reduces by the cube of the scale. This...
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    Moisture in oil, Flathead V8

    Ron is right. The problem is combustion blowby gases which are moisture laden and quickly condense in a cold crankcase. It is best to run your engine each time long enough to get it fully warmed up internally. Unfortunately it starts all over again every time you start it cold until you get the...
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    Gordon, I use propane and try to keep it simiple. I use a Weber Go Anywhere gas grill 1 lb. bottle regulator. It's a constant pressure (~ 4" water column) adjustable flow regulator. You don't need much pressure. I use Jerry Howell designed demand regulators. I try to find self compensating RC...
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    What to use for miniature drive belts???

    For the DIY belt makers here is an option...
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    Running engines on butane or simpler

    I have a number of throttle governed multi-cylinder model engines operating on vapor propane. They all normally start in one or two spins of the flywheels, no cylinder carbon build up, will not flood, near odorless, and are in my opinion safer to operate at shows. And, propane is very economical...
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Brownells sells a water based anti scaling coating that I have used with success. Its hot working range is 1000 -2300 F which is probably close enough to your heat soak range. When used the rings come out a uniform gray color after washing in hot water. Jeff
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    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    According to a "How Its Made" video they make trombone brass tubing bends by annealing the tube, filling it with water, freezing it, and bending in a standard looking tubing bender. If needed, the inside diameter of the bend can be maintained by ball sizing which would require a die to hold the...
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    Snow tandem compound I.C. engine

    Colin, Roy is still in business. However, he has cut it back it a bit. I just got another ignition system from him. Jeff
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    Snow tandem compound I.C. engine

    As Gary said Roy has the correct seals in Viton material. While the original NOK Buna N seals would allow piston rod installation without damage to the seals, the Viton seals require a protective clip-on sleeve to fit the shaft connector relief to prevent seal damage. A simple Delrin sleeve slit...
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    Antique model steam engine kids toy

    Hey Chuck, I got my Jensen for Christmas also when I was about 11. A model 35. Had a lot of fun with it and I still have it, and a couple more. Hard to believe Jensen Steam Engine Manufacturing Co. is still in business after 88 years....and still building steam engines. Jeff...
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    I am another long time fan of Gun Kote 2400 baked on finish and have used it on all my engines. Great procduct especially for close fitting parts. Adhesion to aluminum and brass is excellent. I have always ordered the 8 oz size cans directly from KG Industries. Fast service. I believe they have...
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    Wyvern Cam setting

    Mike, I have successfully used two set screws per cam lobe with standard cup head set screws. I usually relieve the shaft diameter about .010" under the set screws to allow easy removal and adjustment. Set screws and Small Allen keys often become worn with repeated use when building an engine...